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Renee + Eric | Los Angeles, CA Wedding

After spending 3 days in bed with a vicious flu, I awoke on November 10th with the determination of a possessed (or sick) man! I wanted to give everything I had, no matter how much or little, to capture Renee & Eric’s wedding that day. Of course having a picturesque November day, and a strikingly beautiful bride and groom definitely helps. All of the elements were in place for an amazing wedding, and I “literally” just had to hang on for the ride!!!

I started shooting with my team of Kyle & Greg at the Omni in downtown L.A. The great thing about shooting in the city is that you don’t have to venture out too far to find interesting, offbeat and unique locations. After spending time romping around the neighborhood, we departed for the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church nearby… talk about ornate!? Wow. It’s truly an experience to walk into this church. After several ceremonial traditions, touching vows and a sealed kiss, we continued onward.

Immediately after the service, we were greeted by an immensely warm and glowing sunset. I had to work quick to take full advantage of the display, which worked out perfectly. After a little impromptu greeting with Tom & Rita (yes, that Tom/Rita) at the church, we stopped off at Disney Hall for a few minutes, witnessed a mass consumption of Patron and then it was on to the raging party… some people call a reception! All in all it was a wonderful, memorable day! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites below.

Danny Baker | Epic Imagery

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