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Yearly Archives: 2012

Emily + Oliver | Athenaeum Wedding, Pasadena, CA

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… I love my job! Emily and Oliver’s wedding was insanely fun to photograph and be a part of. It had all of the elements that

Esveidet + Erick | Palm Springs, CA

Talk about HOT! I recently traveled out to the California desert oasis known as Palm Springs for Erick & Esveidet’s wedding. I love the climate out there, even with the 100F + summer

Erika + Hunter | Athenaeum Wedding, Pasadena, CA

I LOVE my job! It’s as simple as that… to be able to have a front row seat while witnessing and capturing some of life’s most precious moments is truly an honor. A wedding has

Robin & Edgar | Los Angeles, CA Engagement Session

I think the very first image below sums it up! This session was simply… FUN. On a day where there was an apparent solar eclipse, I spent the afternoon strolling around a few famous L.A.

Nancy & Iyad | Santa Monica, CA Engagement Session

Santa Monica, CA… Ahhh, this is definitely one of my favorite places on the West Coast. I love the relaxed California vibe here, that is both trendy yet extremely welcoming. That being said,

Erika & Hunter | Pasadena Engagement Session

A couple Sunday’s ago on a gorgeous Pasadena afternoon, I casually strolled through City Hall and the surrounding area with Erika & Hunter while capturing a few images celebrating

Neil & Lynn | Los Angeles at Night

I love L.A. at night. There’s such a gritty, vibey and energetic feel that it’s truly inspiring to me as a photographer. With all that being said, there’s also a serenity in the

Baby Dominic

There’s something about newborn babies I love to photograph! Actually, a lot of things… the tenderness, newness, fragility and small, intricate baby parts are a few things that come to

David & Tammy | Universal Sheraton, Los Angeles, CA

Just a few weeks ago I spent a lovely Sunday photographing David & Tammy’s wedding at the Universal Sheraton in Los Angeles, CA. On this day, as usual, I had quite a talented Epic team on

Krissy & Chris | Saint Nicholas Church, Northridge, CA

On a beautiful January day recently, I traveled a mere 5 minutes from my home to the grand and ornate St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to photograph Krissy & Chris’ wedding. This was a

2011 Year in Images

Happy New Year 2012! Thank you for taking a moment to a look at a few highlighted images of 2011. This was a difficult task,  as there were thousands of images to sift through, and picking just a few