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Mike + Kimber | Cambria, CA Wedding

WOW, talk about an Epic wedding!

The first weekend of October I drove up the California coast to the quaint seaside town of Cambria for Mike & Kimber’s wedding. Cambria is located just North of Morro Bay and down the coast about 75 miles from Big Sur. Upon arrival I was greeted with blue skies, stunning ocean vistas… and a wedding party that was ready to add “a little” excitement to a quiet seaside destination! The wedding itself was held at Kimber’s father’s home. This magnificent estate is nestled among countless trees in a very “woodsy” setting… and just minutes from the ocean. An endless array of thoughtful decor, temporary structures, ornate embellishments and colorful flowers dotted the landscape of this incredible property. Kimber of course, looked absolutely gorgeous and was a perfect compliment to such a setting.

There were many great (and funny) moments captured at this wedding… from the wedding ceremony that literally started without the bride present, to an absolute INSANE party, everybody came to celebrate on this unusually warm October evening. In fact, I’m not sure if INSANE is a strong enough word. From classic “air guitar,” to solo rap performances, to dress shirt sleeves ripped off… to even possibly a possessed dancer (you’ll know who she is, HA)… it was a night to remember. Enjoy a glimpse into this spectacular wedding! Lastly, Janet Tacy with Sandcastle Celebrations did a great job “guiding the ship” from beginning to end!

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