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Alexandria Ballrooms | Los Angeles Wedding

Lara & Jeremy were married recently at the historic Alexandria Ballrooms in Downtown Los Angeles… and what a wedding it was!

This venue, dating back to the early 1900’s, is one of my favorite wedding venues for numerous reasons. There’s simply not too many locations that provide access to both stunning luxurious ballroom settings (think crystal chandeliers, ornate gold leaf ceilings) and also an industrial portion known as “The Mezz” with brick, exposed iron beams and gobs of lovely natural light. Bottom line… I always get pretty darn excited when I get to shoot here!

This wedding was not only visually stunning on many levels, but was also a joining of two diverse and rich cultures. For example, Lara & Jeremy’s vows spanned the entire spectrum of the King Edward Ballroom. On one end was a traditional Sri Lankan ceremony called a Poruwa and on the other end was the traditional Jewish ceremony under the Chuppah. Needless to say, it was a special hour steeped in rich history and meaningful moments. One of my favorite portions was the lighting of the unity candle. This was held in the middle of floor, symbolically linking both cultures and families together.

From the cultural aspects, to the venue (brimming with DTLA history), and the tangible chemistry reflecting from this beautiful couple; I was immersed in the perfect setting to capture some amazing imagery. See for yourself…

Danny Baker | Epic Imagery

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